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10 ideas to improve your store’s appearance

Invest in renovations that pay off with increased sales In brief: Freshen your pharmacy’s look about every 5 ...

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Want more cash? Clean up your inventory.

Manage inventory efficiently to manage funds In brief: Part of any good spring cleaning includes cleaning up your pharmacy's inventory and improving your inventory management process. Better managing inventory frees ...

Need to spruce up your brand? Here are 4 tips.

Creative, low-cost ways to spruce up your store's image In brief: Potential customers judge your business by what they see, from the parking lot to your email. First impressions matter ...

Help patients clean out their medicine cabinets

Invite customers for CMRs and offer easy ways to restock their basic health supplies In brief: Many patients could be taking fewer drugs than they do. Many patients keep drugs ...

3 tools to improve med adherence and safety at home

Help patients safely stay on track with their prescriptions In brief: Patients’ failure to take medications as prescribed leads to up to $300 billion in avoidable healthcare costs annually.1 Teaching ...

Build patients’ confidence in your pharmacy’s safety

Remind customers that their safety is your priority In brief: Patients trust independent pharmacists to be honest, accurate and knowledgeable. Reinforce your reputation in daily interactions, showing patients why they ...

7 ways to cut medication errors in a pharmacy

Manage your pharmacy systems to reduce mistakes In brief: A pharmacy filling 250 prescriptions a day averages four mistakes.1 Well-designed systems and procedures can reduce errors and ensure that staff ...

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