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Your website | Pass the 3-second test

Attract customers by providing essential information on your website In brief: Your pharmacy website needs to make a great first impression in less than 3 seconds. Make your name, phone number, address and hours easy to spot Rely on strong images and limited text. Include a call to action, such as, “Get a flu shot…

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A new approach to health coaching conversations

Pharmacists who understand patients’ behaviors can better influence them In brief: Many patients do not adhere to their treatment plans. Motivational interviewing has proven effective at guiding behavioral change. A new framework (the Four Tendencies) describes when and why people change behaviors. Understanding patients’ tendencies can help pharmacists be more effective health coaches. Almost all…

Take control of your time in 2018

Improve your time management, improve your life and business In brief: Most small business owners feel overwhelmed by work and want more time. Studies show that people are more effective when they master time management. Staying organized allows for more achievement with less work. Overwhelmed? You aren’t alone. One survey found: Pharmacy owners can improve…

Carve out your niche for a more profitable pharmacy

Thriving in a crowded pharmacy market In brief: Patients’ insurance largely dictates where they get their prescriptions filled. To thrive, independent pharmacies must offer unique products and services patients can’t get elsewhere. Keep in mind: patients will pay for high-quality products and services. The need to stand out Nearly two decades ago, Dennis and Kathy…
Pharmacy tech greeting patients

Expanding pharmacy technician role drives revenue

Train pharmacy techs to have effective conversations with patients
Reviewing prescription with a patient

How to conduct Comprehensive Medication Reviews

Integrate Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs) into your pharmacy workflow
Pharmacists selecting bottle

Study shows pharmacy employee recognition ranks #1

How motivated employees can grow your pharmacy

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