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Heat up your front-end sales this summer | 6 tips

6 marketing tips as temperatures rise In brief: Summer offers creative ways to market to existing customers and ...

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Make preparations to recharge this summer

Prepare your pharmacy staff for your vacation In brief: Taking a vacation can recharge you and strengthen your business Train your staff to handle the business in your absence Once ...

Prepare your prescriptions to avoid travel headaches

Help customers avoid stress when traveling In brief: Americans love to travel, especially in the summer When traveling, the last thing people want are hassles related to their drugs Pharmacies ...

When spending time in the sun isn’t so fun

Help patients understand that sun can cause medication reactions In brief: Many drugs can increase patients' risks from the sun Products that can cause reactions include prescription drugs and OTC ...

Take care of your pharmacy by taking care of yourself

3 ways to protect yourself from burnout In brief: Small business owners tend to experience stress and social isolation. This can lead to physical and mental health issues. Tips for ...

Does your pharmacy offer antipsychotic injections?

How everyone can benefit when pharmacies administer LAIs In brief: About 8.5 million American adults live with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.1 Failure to take medications as prescribed is a major ...

Improve mental illness patient care | 4 steps to follow

Recognize depression among the chronically ill and be ready to discuss treatments In brief: More than 19 million U.S. adults are treated for mental illness annually.1 Many people dealing with ...

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