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Take care of your pharmacy by taking care of yourself

3 ways to protect yourself from burnout In brief: Small business owners tend to experience stress and social isolation. This can lead to physical and mental health issues. Tips for reducing stress are: control your schedule, work more efficiently, connect with others. By better managing yourself you’ll be in a stronger position to manage your…

Does your pharmacy offer antipsychotic injections?

How everyone can benefit when pharmacies administer LAIs In brief: About 8.5 million American adults live with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.1 Failure to take medications as prescribed is a major problem in those populations. Long-acting injectable antipsychotics (LAIs) can help improve adherence. Pharmacies can provide LAIs in about the same time as a flu shot.…

10 ideas to improve your store’s appearance

Invest in renovations that pay off with increased sales In brief: Freshen your pharmacy’s look about every 5 years.1 Sales can increase up to 10% in the year following a redesign. Which of the 10 ideas below is the best fit to help your pharmacy increase sales? If you haven’t updated your pharmacy’s appearance in…

Want more cash? Clean up your inventory.

Manage inventory efficiently to manage funds In brief: Part of any good spring cleaning includes cleaning up your pharmacy’s inventory and improving your inventory management process. Better managing inventory frees cash. Best practices for managing inventory include taking advantage of medication synchronization, automation, effective purchasing processes and monitoring. 4 steps to cleaner inventory Just as…

3 tools to improve med adherence and safety at home

Help patients safely stay on track with their prescriptions In brief: Patients’ failure to take medications as prescribed leads to up to $300 billion in avoidable healthcare costs annually.1 Teaching patients to use technology and other tools at home can improve adherence and help avoid unsafe usage of medication. Patients don’t properly take about half…

Pharmacist as provider: A view of the future

Three steps for pharmacists to become full providers In brief: Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare professionals in America. Pharmacists’ scope of practice continues to expand. Pharmacists can provide immunizations and dispense certain medications in most states without a prescription. Pharmacists are increasingly being paid for professional services, but further policy changes are needed to…

Take control of your time in 2018

Improve your time management, improve your life and business In brief: Most small business owners feel overwhelmed by work and want more time. Studies show that people are more effective when they master time management. Staying organized allows for more achievement with less work. Overwhelmed? You aren’t alone. One survey found: Pharmacy owners can improve…
Reviewing prescription with a patient

How to conduct Comprehensive Medication Reviews

Integrate Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs) into your pharmacy workflow
Pharmacists selecting bottle

Study shows pharmacy employee recognition ranks #1

How motivated employees can grow your pharmacy

How fidget spinners brought in hundreds of customers and thousands in revenue

Drive traffic with unique front-end products

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