Friday Pharmacy Follow: Corner Drug Health Mart

The Corner Drug team, led by owners Todd and Shelly Humphries, maintain a strong relationship with their patients and their community.

Serving the Texas Hill Country town of Llano, Texas, Corner Drug has built a loyal patient community with the help of their Facebook page.

“Our town is close-knit, so names and faces are familiar. I have found, in regards to social media, our posts that make the most impact are those posts that show our faces and are HIGHLY personal,” said Sarah Harris, the social media manager. “I think it's very important for the social media manager of any [pharmacy], to really get to know their location and surrounding areas.”

Sarah utilizes Facebook posts with pictures to highlight birthdays, pharmacy products that she and the team personally love, and acknowledge when patients and community members bring in goodies for the staff.

“I try to show us working hard but having a good time! Those posts always get the most "likes, comments and shares" which then transitions into our post being seen by more people, Sarah said.

One of Sarah’s tips includes utilizing those post engagements to reach more customers.

“I'll go in and invite people that have responded to our posts to like our page so that when I post more mundane information, it is casts to a broader audience,” she said.

One issue that many pharmacy teams face when it comes to social media is just making the time to do it. Sarah says she tackles the job by creating a loose working calendar at the beginning of every month which keeps her on track to post at least once a day.

“Sometimes this works better than others (because LIFE), but it is always the goal,” Sarah noted.

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