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Save at McKesson ideaShare!

Attend McKesson ideaShare, earn up to $30,000 in generics rebates

What do you get from McKesson ideaShare? Knowledge, contacts, ideas — and rebates on generics In brief: 9 of 10 prescriptions are for generics McKesson ideaShare attendees can earn $30,000 in rebates through the OneStop Generics™ program Even if you aren’t yet a customer, there’s still time to sign up Benefits to patients of generics…
Accomplishing Goals Through McKesson ideaShare

5 Main Topics at McKesson ideaShare 2019

McKesson ideaShare 2019: Helping you achieve your most important goals In brief: What are your biggest goals over the next year? McKesson ideaShare is structured with information and ideas to help you achieve your most important objectives The show floor and education sessions are intentionally focused on these major areas What matters most? What are…
Fun products and techniques to boost your profitable front-end sales

4 ideas to sell more this summer!

Fun products and techniques to boost your profitable front-end sales  In brief: Front-end products often deliver high margins This summer bring in fun, unique products that get customers’ attention Have creative displays and merchandising Target visitors who stop in when they have forgotten something Train your staff on suggestive selling and upselling The net result:…
Underuse of Sunscreen

Educate patients on how to prevent and identify skin cancer

Teaching patients to check for skin cancer is as easy as ABCDE In brief: At least 1 in 5 of your customers will have skin cancer in their lifetime Multiple factors increase skin cancer risks, including common prescriptions Most patients don’t understand the risks and don’t apply adequate sun protection Your pharmacy can shine a…
Why being a preceptor is a win/win

Why being a preceptor is a win/win

7 lessons for making the most from internships    In brief: Well-crafted internships train future employees and benefit your pharmacy As a preceptor, offer a broad range of experiences that tap into students’ abilities Look beyond pharmacy interns to other student learning opportunities that may fit with and benefit your pharmacy Making internships a win/win…
Keep your patients healthy

Keep your patients healthy in the summer

6 common summer illnesses and how your pharmacy can help patients through them In brief: We typically think of summer as a time of being healthy and active But there are many sicknesses and illnesses that occur in the summer — including colds, heat illnesses, asthma, foodborne illnesses and poison oak or ivy rash Be…
Don’t overlook the needs of caregivers

Don’t overlook the needs of caregivers

Caregivers are at risk for stress, depression and other illnesses  In brief: Nearly 44M Americans are caregivers for someone with a physical or mental illness Caregivers themselves are at increased risk for mental and physical illnesses During Mental Health Awareness Month, be sure to support caregivers Your pharmacy’s support can include mental health screenings as…
Support mental health through community outreach

Support mental health through community outreach

3 reasons to focus on outreach about mental health and 6 ways to do it  In brief: Most pharmacy outreach focuses on patients’ physical health May is Mental Health Month, which provides an opportunity to focus on mental health There are many creative ways to engage in outreach supporting mental health This unique focus can…
3 reasons to partner with mental health providers

3 reasons to partner with mental health providers

Better care. Greater expertise. More patients and prescriptions.  In brief: Caring for patients’ mental health is a team activity, and pharmacists play a key role Because so many patients are affected by mental illness, it is a big opportunity Pharmacies can benefit by partnering with mental health providers Results include better care, more expertise, and…

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