Friday Pharmacy Follow: Bartlett Pharmacy

The Bartlett Pharmacy team regularly participates in local events, like the local Independence Day parade and more.

Meet the fun and dedicated folks at Bartlett Pharmacy, led by three amazing pharmacists: Nahren Khoshaba, PharmD, Nimisha Patel, PharmD and Tamara Balogh, PharmD. Serving the town of Bartlett, Illinois, the pharmacy team utilizes social media platforms to stay in contact with their community of patients and customers.

“For our social media engagement, we’re constantly posting about sales that we have going on in the store as well as informational articles for our patients’” said Raquel Reyes, Bartlett Pharmacy manager.

“We’re slowly trying to be more active on Instagram and TikTok,” Reyes said. “We’re always encouraging our patients to follow us on our social media platforms to get the latest scoop on anything new going on at the pharmacy.”

Reyes has been working on marketing strategies to not only grow their audience on social media but promote shop offerings.

"...we just began offering flu shots for everyone ages 3 and up. So, being able to share that with our followers has been beneficial as it has encouraged our patients to ask for one when they come in," she said.

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