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Now more than ever you need a strong, yet flexible partner to help navigate the changes in our current pharmacy market. With our influential network, industry-leading solutions and flexible engagement model, Health Mart is that partner. We’re working hard to level the playing field for our members—creating solutions to help you improve clinical performance, manage operational changes, and discover additional revenue opportunities so you can build and maintain a thriving business.

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Don’t let the holidays derail adherence

5 lessons for leveraging med sync to keep patients on schedule In brief: Holidays can throw patients’ schedules off, making it difficult to stay adherent. Med sync ensures patients have the prescriptions they need, when they need them, without last-minute demands on your pharmacy. Preventing fire drills during the holidays Aubrey Pharmacy, in Aubrey, Texas,…

6 essential roles of successful pharmacy owners

Tools and resources to be more effective in every role In brief: As a pharmacist and small business owner, you fill multiple roles daily. These roles include provider, CEO, CFO, HR, marketer and lobbyist. Each role is critical to the health of patients and your business. You can be more effective by leveraging tools, experts…

How to empower your pharmacy technicians

Helping your technicians grow will help your business grow In brief: Behind any successful pharmacists are great pharmacy technicians. Recognize and thank your pharmacy technicians. Look for opportunities to engage your pharmacy technicians and help them grow. By helping your pharmacy technicians grow, you will equip your business to grow. Celebrate your pharmacy technicians American…

Must-Attend Events

McKesson ideaShare 2019

Thank you to all who attended McKesson ideaShare 2018
in Las Vegas!

We hope everyone had a great time. We’re excited to announce that next year’s event will be in Orlando, Florida!

New Health Mart Town Hall series

Power Your Partnerships: Develop patient and prescriber relationships to strengthen your pharmacy’s impact

The newest Health Mart® Town Hall and CE session, Power Your Partnerships, will give you the confidence and skills to create and maintain prescriber relationships. Open to all independent pharmacists and staff!

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