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Now more than ever you need a strong, yet flexible partner to help navigate the changes in our current pharmacy market. With our influential network, industry-leading solutions and flexible engagement model, Health Mart is that partner. We’re working hard to level the playing field for our members—creating solutions to help you improve clinical performance, manage operational changes, and discover additional revenue opportunities so you can build and maintain a thriving business.

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Telepharmacy: The digital house call to reach patients

Learn the telepharmacy basics and benefits In brief: Telepharmacy continues to take the spotlight as the industry looks for ways to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and increase patient access to care. Estimated start-up costs for a telepharmacy could be anywhere between $75,000 to $150,000 less than a traditional pharmacy. Before you can pursue telepharmacy…

During COVID-19, keep chronic patients on track

Focus on adherence, education and immunizations In brief: With all the attention on COVID-19, make sure to focus on patients with chronic diseases Multiple factors may keep these patients from taking their meds as prescribed Pharmacist intervention can improve adherence and other health measures Since February, COVID-19 has dominated the headlines, which will likely continue.…

How Health Mart serves local need for access to COVID-19 testing

In partnership with an approved HHS testing contractor, eTrueNorth, select Health Mart pharmacies offer free COVID-19 testing to patients. In brief: Federal and state action has cleared the way for pharmacies to offer COVID-19 testing Most consumers are comfortable with COVID-19 testing and treatment at pharmacies In May, select Health Mart® pharmacies started offering free…

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