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Need to spruce up your brand? Here are 4 tips.

Creative, low-cost ways to spruce up your store’s image In brief: Potential customers judge your business by what they see, from the parking lot to your email. First impressions matter greatly. Ensure every customer touch point projects a positive image consistent with your brand. Small investments can greatly improve the perception of your pharmacy brand.…

Build patients’ confidence in your pharmacy’s safety

Remind customers that their safety is your priority In brief: Patients trust independent pharmacists to be honest, accurate and knowledgeable. Reinforce your reputation in daily interactions, showing patients why they can be confident in the safe care your pharmacy provides. As an independent community pharmacist, your reputation is your most important asset. Pharmacists consistently rank…

Stressing heart health for American Heart Month

Help customers take control of their heart health In brief: About 95 million U.S. adults have cholesterol levels that can raise their risk for heart disease and stroke, two of America’s top five causes of death.1 Because there are no symptoms of high cholesterol, patients may not realize they are at risk. Offering in-pharmacy cholesterol…

Your website | Pass the 3-second test

Attract customers by providing essential information on your website In brief: Your pharmacy website needs to make a great first impression in less than 3 seconds. Make your name, phone number, address and hours easy to spot Rely on strong images and limited text. Include a call to action, such as, “Get a flu shot…
Pharmacy tech greeting patients

Expanding pharmacy technician role drives revenue

Train pharmacy techs to have effective conversations with patients
Patient getting vaccination

Pharmacy remedies and resources for additional revenue

3 ways independent pharmacies can act on revenue opportunities

5 reasons to advertise

Maximize your advertising ROI

Be the pharmacy customers rave about

7 ways to build referrals to your store

Take a positive approach to negative reviews

How you handle negative reviews speaks volumes about your pharmacy business

5 certainties for pharmacies in uncertain times

The world has never been more uncertain, but opportunities still exist for pharmacies

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