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How to help prescribers with quality measures

Build stronger partnerships by helping prescribers with MACRA metrics In brief: Prescribers care how they perform on ...

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Implementing a Vaccination/Immunization Program

Pharmacy owner Pamela Marquess, PharmD, discusses the competitive advantages of offering vaccines and immunizations year round and shares tips for implementing and promoting a program in your pharmacy.

Making Our Voices Heard

“The federal government’s role increases with each passing year,” says John Norton, associate director of public affairs for the National Community Pharmacy Association. “For example, our latest data indicate that ...

Think beyond Pink: The Power of Women Customers

Women are an increasingly powerful economic force: they decide where, when and how much to buy. Recognizing this and acting on it represents a great opportunity for community pharmacies. Women ...

Increased Prescriber Outreach = Increased Pharmacy Traffic

In today’s competitive environment, it is unrealistic for a community pharmacy to expect that customers will just flock in after opening the doors. Increasing traffic takes concrete strategies and focused ...

Consumers’ Changing Service Expectations

Pharmacies offer better customer service than most other industries. This was a conclusion from the July 2011 issue of Consumer Reports, which ranked pharmacies the third-best industry in terms of ...

How Pharmacies Are Using Social Media

“You’ve got to do it.” This is the identical advice offered by two community pharmacies that have made social media — particularly Facebook pages about their pharmacies — an important ...

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