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Mark the new year with fresh marketing

Experiment with new approaches to draw more customers In brief: The marketing that drew new customers in ...

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Parent Marketing

Turn Millennial parents into loyal customers

Market to Millennials and build your customer base for the future In brief: Most new parents are Millennials (ages 23 to 38). Millennials have very different shopping habits, meaning you ...
Products for Parents

Turn new parents into lifelong customers

Offer products, services and expertise new parents need In brief: New parents are an extremely important, attractive opportunity for independent pharmacies. Build traffic and profits with this group by becoming ...
Opportunity in Parents

Why parents are an important segment for independent pharmacies

Target and serve parents of young patients to grow your business In brief: Households with children are a big opportunity for pharmacies. There are ~74 million children in the U.S. ...
Flu Marketing

Go beyond flu shots to serve all flu-related needs

Be a full-service flu resource center In brief: Even though many people get flu shots, millions of people still get the flu each year For those getting the flu, be ...
Flu Targets

Which of your patients most need a flu shot?

Target high-risk populations in your vaccine marketing  In brief: Yearly flu shots are recommended for almost everyone Being vaccinated for the flu is especially important for groups with specific risks ...
Flu Myths

5 myths about flu shots

Bust these five myths about flu shots and grow your business In brief: The CDC recommends a flu shot for almost everyone, but less than 50% of Americans get one ...

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