Friday Pharmacy Follow: Crowder’s Pharmacy

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Since 1956, Crowder’s Pharmacy has served the town of Bedford, Indiana as a family-owned and operated business.

“We live in a small supportive community which is part of the reason why our pharmacy has been successful for so many years,” said Brooke Mosqueda, Crowder’s Pharmacy marketing manager.

Crowder’s Pharmacy recently opened a new Wellness and Sports Nutrition Center. Their open house was a big success with customers lined up outside the door before the shop opened.

Crowder’s Pharmacy supported the opening of their new Wellness and Sports Nutrition Center with a social media campaign or pictures and videos.

“…it was amazing…We mainly used social media to advertise the event, from reels, posts, stories, to going live on Facebook the day of the event,” Brooke said. “Social media has been a great outlet for us to advertise and we always seem to get a good response. It's great to see our community come together and support our business.”

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