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Prepare your prescriptions to avoid travel headaches

Help customers avoid stress when traveling In brief: Americans love to travel, especially in the summer When traveling, the last thing people want are hassles related to their drugs Pharmacies can help travelers avoid medication issues Summer is a time to travel When school lets out and the weather warms up, your customers hit the…

When spending time in the sun isn’t so fun

Help patients understand that sun can cause medication reactions In brief: Many drugs can increase patients’ risks from the sun Products that can cause reactions include prescription drugs and OTC products Educate patients about dangers, protections and when to seek treatment Summertime is (supposed to be) fun time For many Americans, summer is their favorite…

Improve mental illness patient care | 4 steps to follow

Recognize depression among the chronically ill and be ready to discuss treatments In brief: More than 19 million U.S. adults are treated for mental illness annually.1 Many people dealing with chronic illnesses also experience depression and mental illness, making it more difficult to stay on track with medications and other treatment. Because pharmacists frequently see…

Help patients clean out their medicine cabinets

Invite customers for CMRs and offer easy ways to restock their basic health supplies In brief: Many patients could be taking fewer drugs than they do. Many patients keep drugs even after they are no longer using them and don’t dispose of them properly. When customers are in a spring cleaning mindset, help them unclutter…

7 ways to cut medication errors in a pharmacy

Manage your pharmacy systems to reduce mistakes In brief: A pharmacy filling 250 prescriptions a day averages four mistakes.1 Well-designed systems and procedures can reduce errors and ensure that staff find potential errors and prevent them before they impact patients. Types of errors A 10-year study found the most common dispensing errors in pharmacies to…

Opportunities in point-of-care testing

New clinical and revenue opportunities for community pharmacies In brief: Point-of-care (POC) testing represents a significant opportunity for community pharmacies. The number of POC tests has increased and experts expect demand to grow. Pharmacies are well positioned to integrate POC testing into their business. For pharmacies to take advantage of this opportunity, it requires addressing…

A new approach to health coaching conversations

Pharmacists who understand patients’ behaviors can better influence them In brief: Many patients do not adhere to their treatment plans. Motivational interviewing has proven effective at guiding behavioral change. A new framework (the Four Tendencies) describes when and why people change behaviors. Understanding patients’ tendencies can help pharmacists be more effective health coaches. Almost all…

Many customers don’t have the best drug plan

Help customers save by switching to lower-cost drug plans

Star Ratings: What pharmacists need to know

An update on Star Ratings

Dealing with DIR

Estimating, managing & lowering DIR Fees

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