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Wednesday Poll: When does your fiscal year start?

Sometimes starting your fiscal calendar at another point in the year besides January 1, can be beneficial for your financial reporting.
pharmacist at white board calendar

Wednesday Poll: What is your new revenue stream in 2023?

The beginning of the year is a great time to hit the reset button or the start button on a new practice or project for your pharmacy. Reassess your current practices and start something new to help grow your business. Will you rise to the challenge and pick one new revenue stream to grow and…
Interior of pharmacy endcap and layout

What is new in 2023 at your community pharmacy?

As an independent community pharmacy owner, you don’t just want to tread water. Trying to stay in place while reimbursement for prescriptions decreases and competition increases is not a formula for long-term success. Here’s an idea: each year add one new additional revenue stream. Here are seven strategies that can make a big difference. 1.…

What’s on your pharmacy’s marketing calendar?

Plan messaging so you never miss an opportunity to boost sales Too many pharmacists spend too little time on marketing Plan your marketing calendar months ahead to take advantage of every opportunity Scheduling your marketing activities ensures you refresh your messaging often What you don’t plan doesn’t happen You put your important appointments on a…
Small shop offering holiday goods circa 1920.

Wednesday Poll: Are holiday sales a part of your strategy to increase your margins?

Despite inflation, some reports are showing consumers are not holding back on holiday shopping. If you have a store front, are you taking advantage of the holiday shopping season? Take the poll! Image above: Small shop offering holiday goods circa 1920. Creative Commons license.
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Wednesday Poll: Are you open on Thanksgiving?

As a community pharmacy, your holiday hours line up with your neighborhood’s customs and values. What hours will you keep this holiday? Take the poll!
Ribbon cutting at Freeman Drug 150-year celebration

Independent Pharmacy in Wisconsin Celebrates 150 Years of Helping the Community

Above: Co-owner and head pharmacist, Leah Gavin, stands front and center during the ribbon cutting at the official 150-year anniversary celebration for Freeman Drug in River Falls, Wisconsin.   Freeman Drug of River Falls, Wisconsin, is celebrating 150 years in business this fall. They just hosted a special community event to spotlight this impressive milestone.…

Community pharmacy at a crossroads unites on new path

With clear evidence of their value, community pharmacies are ready to unite and take their healthcare services even further. Gathered online this week for McKesson ideaShare 2021, pharmacy owners, pharmacists, technicians and leaders from McKesson and Health Mart celebrated the successes of the past year while focusing on how to unite and grow their businesses…

Future-proof your pharmacy

The changes affecting pharmacies today are coming from multiple directions, not only regulations and reimbursement rates, but also evolving patient expectations. “We need to align our offerings so that we can future-proof our pharmacies and be the heath care destinations and providers we were always meant to be,” said Eyad Farah, president of Health Mart…

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