How to make your Medicare patients the priority

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Be there for your Medicare patients this open enrollment

In brief:

  • Medicare accounts for nearly one-third of U.S. spending on prescription drugs.
  • More than 25% of Medicare patients don’t know how to research drug plan options.
  • By helping Medicare patients research plan options you solidify your position as a trusted resource.

Medicare patients are a large group and are extremely important to pharmacies. Consider that: 1,2

Patients aren’t aware

Many Medicare patients may be paying too much. By choosing the right Part D plan, patients may be able to reduce their out-of-pocket expenses by 30%, saving thousands of dollars per year. (See Many Customers Don’t Have the Best Drug Plan.)

Finding the best plan can be so daunting that many patients don’t even try.3

Start a conversation

Help patients find the best plan by encouraging them to talk with your staff. Counter cards and buttons can prompt patients to ask questions and schedule a consultation.

Translate insurance terms

Choosing plan options requires having a basic understanding of terms. Yet more than 40% of working-age Americans can’t define “deductible.”4

Take time with patients to discuss important terms in ways they will understand. For example, “When you fill prescriptions at a preferred pharmacy you pay less.”

Remember, you are not allowed to steer patients toward a plan. However, you should let customers know when you are a preferred pharmacy under Part D plans.

Accommodate special needs

Be able to communicate with all Medicare patients.

  • Nearly 15% are deaf or hard of hearing5
  • Nearly 8% are blind or have low vision6
  • About 8% have limited English proficiency

Strategies for assisting patients with special needs include:

  • Keep special needs in mind as you plan materials and communications
  • Consult with patients in private areas
  • Consider providing educational videos with headsets patients can use
  • Make sure print sizes are large enough for patients with low vision
  • Note a patient’s preferred language in your records and consider hiring bilingual staff or trained interpreters

Making Medicare patients a priority

Medicare patients are valuable to your pharmacy. Not only do they fill many prescriptions, but Part D covers some vaccines that are not included under Part B, including the shingles shot.7 Make Medicare patients a high priority during open enrollment and throughout the year.

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