How to empower your pharmacy technicians

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Helping your technicians grow will help your business grow

In brief:

  • Behind any successful pharmacists are great pharmacy technicians.
  • Recognize and thank your pharmacy technicians.
  • Look for opportunities to engage your pharmacy technicians and help them grow.
  • By helping your pharmacy technicians grow, you will equip your business to grow.

Celebrate your pharmacy technicians

American Pharmacists Month was established to recognize, celebrate and promote pharmacists. But pharmacists know that a successful pharmacy takes a great team. And, no players on the team are more important than your technicians. That is why October 16 is recognized as National Pharmacy Technician Day.

Although there are many reasons to thank your pharmacy technicians on this special day of recognition, we’ve outlined a few below.

You can download this infographic here.

Helping technicians develop and grow

While recognizing your technicians for all they do, you can also identify additional opportunities for them to develop and grow in their work. Allowing your technicians to take on more responsibility will increase their engagement and increase your pharmacy’s capabilities. As your pharmacy technicians grow, so does the growth of your pharmacy.

Each of these areas fits with a technician’s skills and capabilities. Each area helps patients, provides benefits for the pharmacy, and will help your technicians grow personally and professionally.

So, during American Pharmacists Month, and every other month, take time to celebrate your technicians and identify opportunities to further engage and empower them. This will not only benefit them, but also you, your pharmacy and your patients in the process.

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