Bookmark These 10 Websites


Pharmacy owners should add these websites as “favorites” for easy reference and new insights. Free online resources can keep you informed and help you improve pharmacy operations in these areas:

1. Drug references. Epocrates is available both through free online access and as a mobile app, with premium features available at a cost. Use it to search for information about drugs and diseases.

2. Prior authorizations. CoverMyMeds allows pharmacies to quickly submit prior authorization forms. The secure, HIPAA-compliant site includes free fax integration, electronic signatures and a dashboard to track all your PAs.

3. Safety. The Institute for Safe Medication Practices offers numerous free medication safety tools and resources, including several specifically for community pharmacies.

4. Legislation. The National Community Pharmacists Association’s Advocacy Center tracks federal and state issues related to community pharmacies, and offers easy tools for taking action, such as contacting a lawmaker. Some areas are restricted to members only.

To understand the latest developments in healthcare, visit these:

5. Free accounts from Medscape Pharmacists give you access to pharmacist news from multiple sources, as well as journal articles on pharmacy topics.

6. The Kaiser Family Foundation site includes sections on health costs, health reform, Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance.

For general business advice and insights, check out these websites:

7. Open Forum by American Express offers more than financial advice. The site also has practical guidance for owners of small businesses on topics such as leadership, customer service and marketing.

8. Harvard Business Review’s website includes the free HBR Blog Network, with a wealth of great advice for leading, planning and executing strategy, managing people and more. 

9., the online version of the magazine for entrepreneurs, provides bite-sized advice on leadership, productivity and innovation.

10Entrepreneur magazine’s site includes a marketing section with trends and tips in areas ranging from branding to social media.

Please tell us what websites and apps you use frequently for your pharmacy.

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