Your website | Pass the 3-second test


Attract customers by providing essential information on your website

In brief:

  • Your pharmacy website needs to make a great first impression in less than 3 seconds.
  • Make your name, phone number, address and hours easy to spot
  • Rely on strong images and limited text.
  • Include a call to action, such as, “Get a flu shot now.”

First impressions count

According to eye-tracking research, consumers form their first impression in less than half a second. They scan a website’s home page in less than 3 seconds.1

To make the best first impression in those precious seconds, follow these best practices:

    • Make 4 facts easy to see. These 4 pieces of critical information include:
      1. Pharmacy name
      2. Phone number
      3. Address
      4. Hours

Tip: If you tell people your pharmacy is “inside XYZ Medical Building,” or “beside the courthouse,” add that phrase by the street address.

    • Expect one screen view. Place the most important items “above the fold” on your site where people can see them without scrolling; make sure this is consistent across desktop and mobile devices.
    • Put your website to the mobile phone test. Nearly as many people use their smartphone as they do a desktop computer for an online search. So, do a test using a smartphone by searching for your pharmacy online. Make sure mobile phone users can easily view everything you want them to see.
    • Use less text and more images. People usually read only about 20% of the text on a web page. Rely on strong images on your home page, with links to click for more information.

    • Design for emphasis. People start looking at the top left, scan right, then down to the lower left, and end on the right. Placing your business name at the top left and a call to action at the bottom right optimizes for that pathway.
    • Prompt action. Beyond providing information people need, nudge them to do something. For example, use a prominent box or a popup on your home page to say, “It’s Flu Season, Get Your Flu Shot Now,” or “Download our mobile app for easy refills.”

  • Answer that FAQ. In addition to including a frequently asked questions (FAQs) page to your site, include answers to the most popular frequently asked questions on your home page. If several times each day you hear your staff say, “Yes, we carry diabetic shoes,” that belongs on your home page. If you receive regular questions about what insurance your pharmacy accepts, place that on the home page.
  • Feature positive reviews. Let your satisfied customers brag about you by including testimonials and positive reviews on the home page.
  • Make connections. Feature social media links on your website to encourage visitors to follow and “like” your pharmacy. This allows your pharmacy to expand your reach and interact with customers beyond your website.

Your Pharmacy Online provides Heath Mart® pharmacies a consumer-friendly desktop and mobile website that links to the national website store locator.

Health Mart’s digital offering also includes patient access to the Health Mart mobile app, providing on-the-go prescription management including refill requests, refill and pill reminders, and pharmacy-to-patient notifications — all for no additional cost.

1 “10 Useful Findings About How People View Websites,” CXL Institute, May 10, 2017. LINK