How to grow your pharmacy’s vaccine business

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10 ways to increase your number of immunizations

In brief:

  • Only 45% of Americans get a flu shot.
  • The average pharmacy misses out on immunization opportunities.
  • These missed opportunities could add significant pharmacy revenue.
  • Multiple marketing ideas can grow your vaccine business.

Leaving money on the table

Forty-five percent of American adults get an annual flu shot.1 Although many pharmacies should be taking advantage of this by offering flu vaccines, many do not. In fact, the average pharmacy misses the following opportunities to provide flu shots and additional vaccines each year:

  • 543 pneumonia vaccines
  • 745 shingles shots
  • 2,700 flu shots


These lost opportunities represent a large amount missed in gross profit. Even if you think you have a robust vaccine program, you could be doing even more.

10 tips for more immunizations






Thousands of people in your community are walking around without the protection that vaccines offer. Show them how vaccines can help keep them and your community healthier — and watch your revenues from immunization grow.


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