Build patients’ confidence in your pharmacy’s safety

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Remind customers that their safety is your priority

In brief:

  • Patients trust independent pharmacists to be honest, accurate and knowledgeable.
  • Reinforce your reputation in daily interactions, showing patients why they can be confident in the safe care your pharmacy provides.

As an independent community pharmacist, your reputation is your most important asset.

Pharmacists consistently rank among the most honest and ethical professions in an annual Gallup poll. In 2017, a majority of Americans ranked pharmacists’ honesty and ethical standards as high.1

Consumers rated independent pharmacies highly on accuracy and knowledge.2

You’ve earned that trust, but don’t take it for granted. Continue to build trust by reminding patients in everyday interactions why their care is safe in your hands.

Here are some examples:

  1. Tout qualifications. Congratulate your staff on social media when they complete training programs. Example: “Sam is now a nationally certified diabetic educator, ready to help patients better manage their health.” These casual interactions send important messages.

  2. Explain investments. Tell patients how the improvements you make are benefitting them. Example: Post a photo of your new equipment and say, “The Parata PASS machine installed this week allows us to package medications in doses, a safe and convenient way for you to know what to take and when to take it. We care about your safety.”

  3. Show your knowledge. When you make a recommendation, be ready to explain to patients who have questions the research and risks behind what you are saying, such as why a particular vaccine can protect them and their family members.

  4. Answer “Why?” Train staff to explain why they do what they do. For example: “We want to know all the medications you currently take so our pharmacist can make sure there won’t be any conflicts with new prescriptions that might cause side effects. We are focused on your health and safety.”

Opinions may differ on whether pharmacists should wear a white lab coat these days, but you can find plenty of ways to send the message to your patients that they are safe with you.


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