5 tips to improve patients’ health and your profits

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Feature front-end products that support patients’ health goals

In brief:

  • The impression your pharmacy makes now can lead to greater revenue later.
  • Position your pharmacy for growth with displays of new front-end products.
  • Train your staff to talk with customers about more than their immediate needs. Cement your reputation as a partner in keeping the entire family healthy.


During the busy holiday season patients may rush in and out of your pharmacy. Yet just short conversations can make a vital difference for their health and your business. Here are five tips.

1. Start a conversation

Train your staff to ask sincerely about patients and their family, and recognize opportunities to better serve them. Look beyond the patient in front of you to how your pharmacy can benefit an entire family.

A caregiver picking up flu relief products for someone else may have missed receiving an immunization. You still could offer a vaccine or point them to products to avoid the spread of germs and boost immunity.

2. Offer something new

Highlight OTC products patients may not know about. For a patient with muscle cramps, spasms and soreness, Theraworx can prevent or treat symptoms.

If a holiday meal upsets a patient’s stomach, your pharmacist might mention DiaResQ.

And think beyond prescriptions to other types of products, such as essential oils. Millions of Americans use naturopathic and homeopathic practices for conditions such as colds and back pain.1 Health Mart® recently launched a catalog of products for these customers, and end cap displays will help catch patients’ attention.


3. When appropriate, talk about nutrient depletion

Patients who aren’t feeling well may not realize that a prescription they are taking may be contributing to their symptoms. Flag prescriptions that may lead to drug-induced nutrient depletion and recommend high-quality supplements with confidence. Focusing on nutrient depletion can help patients and differentiate your pharmacy.  

(See “5 profitable OTC solutions to common side effects” and “Pharmacy remedies and resources for additional revenue.”)

4. Be ready for New Year’s resolutions

Losing weight and improving health are among your patients’ top New Year’s resolutions.2 Don’t wait until January 1 to talk with patients about their goals or to be ready to help them.

  • Schedule consultations. Train your staff to ask people about their health goals for the year ahead. Tell patients, “We’d love to schedule a time for a short conversation so we can discuss how to help you reach your goals.”
  • Partner for weight loss. In addition to offering weight control products, consider partnering with another local business, such as a gym, to provide patient support.
  • Help patients kick the habit. Smoking-cessation products coupled with lozenges and gums can help curb their cravings.
  • Support exercise. An injury can derail plans to exercise. Tapes, braces and supports can help prevent and treat injuries.

Boost patients’ confidence to start on the path to greater health, with your pharmacy as a partner.

5. Provide free vitamins for children

The new year is a good time to start young family members on a healthy habit: vitamins. You can do this by starting a free Children’s Vitamin Program.

When parents return to your store each month for free children’s vitamins, you can talk with them about other ways you can serve the family’s health needs. 

“It really opens the door to how you can help the entire family,” said Arman Amiri, McKesson’s director of Global Product Management.

Start conversations now to build a healthier customer base and differentiate your pharmacy in the new year.

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2 “New Year’s Resolutions 2018: 15 Ideas for Setting Goals in the New Year,” Melissa Matthews, Dec. 29, 2017. LINK