October is American Pharmacists Month

American Pharmacists Month (APhM) takes place yearly in October to honor the valuable contributions of pharmacists and their colleagues to patient and community health.

During APhM, take the time to recognize your pharmacy staff and to educate the public about the role of pharmacists in patient care. Discuss pharmacist provider status with patients, the public and members of Congress. Keep in mind the slogan, “Know your pharmacist, know your medicine.”

How to get involved

Focus on activities and events where you can highlight pharmacists’ contributions toward advancing patient care. Health Mart’s Smart Retailing Rx Blog suggests 23 ways to celebrate American Pharmacists Month. The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) provides inspiration as well as a planning guide to get involved in October, and continue moving community pharmacy forward throughout the year. Check out the National Community Pharmacy Association’s (NCPA) grassroots resources, or if you are a McKesson customer, you can visit the Policy Action Network in Connect Community. Health Mart members can visit myHealthMart for advocacy toolkits. Finally, check out your state’s pharmacy association website to see what community events they have planned and find out how you can contribute to the cause.

American Pharmacists Month is a great time to reach out to legislators to begin telling your story and creating a face for independent pharmacy. Consider inviting local elected officials to your store to kick-start a dialogue about public policy and legislation impacting independent pharmacy. As a first step, walk legislators through your store and explain the value of pharmacists as healthcare providers; don’t dive into all the issues facing pharmacy just yet, but consider this the first part of a conversation about how legislation impacts the services and level of care you provide.

Florida Independent Pharmacy Day — October 27, 2017

Recent measures in Florida have provided key examples of why it is so important to be active in legislation, and how the voice of the community and independent pharmacies can be impactful in creating change. McKesson, Health Mart and American Pharmacy Cooperative, Inc. (APCI) have partnered together to engage Florida legislators; during American Pharmacists Month, select Florida Health Marts have invited legislators to visit their stores. These Health Marts hope to provide a brief overview of changes happening in healthcare, showcasing the differentiated services that independent pharmacies provide and highlighting how they are uniquely positioned to be the leaders of patient outcomes, all while building a relationship with their legislator. These efforts will begin on October 27, deemed “Florida Independent Pharmacy Day” by Health Mart, and provide the foundation for an ongoing dialogue and annual day to engage with legislators. Health Mart, McKesson and APCI will provide marketing and PR support as well as logistics coordination.

As an independent pharmacy leader in Florida, or anywhere else in the country, your voice matters! Pharmacists have consistently been voted one of the top most trusted healthcare professionals, but a significant portion of the public is unaware of their knowledge and contributions toward improving medication use. Pharmacists are, also, the most accessible healthcare provider in communities across the nation. As a local independent pharmacy, you provide personal attention to the unique needs of your community through tailored specialty services and by building relationships with patients. Pharmacies have expanded beyond preparing and dispensing medications, to offering medication therapy management services to maximize the effectiveness of a prescription and patient outcomes. Spread the word to highlight independent pharmacy’s unique contributions and impact on healthcare in your community on Florida Independent Pharmacy Day and throughout the year.

Key dates

October 2017: American Pharmacists Month (APhM)

October 4, 2017: American Pharmacists Month Selfie Day

October 15–21, 2017: Pharmacy Week

October 17, 2017: Pharmacy Technician Day

October 27, 2017: Health Mart® Florida Independent Pharmacy Day

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