You’re covered for Medicare Part D

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The Health Mart Atlas kit has everything you need for Part D

In brief:

  • Medicare covers more than 57 million Americans. Reviewing plan options with patients during open enrollment can help them save money.
  • Helping Medicare enrollees understand what your pharmacy offers can build loyalty.
  • Health Mart Atlas, the nation’s largest pharmacy services administration organization (PSAO), is sending members a kit with tools to help market and complete open enrollment counseling.
  • This kit also has resources to better manage Medicare business throughout the year.

From starting conversations with patients to checking your DIR statements, Health Mart Atlas™ is providing tools to help you with Medicare Part D.

This month (August), Health Mart Atlas will be sending out a short survey to inquire if you would like to receive one of the Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment Toolkits. These kits are packed with everything you need for Part D enrollment. This includes beginning marketing before open enrollment starts in October and staying up to date with performance measurements and DIR fees throughout the year. If you are a Health Mart Atlas customer, you can access the survey link here:

Inside this year’s kit you’ll find:

  • Ready-to-use marketing materials. Posters, bag stuffers, buttons and other materials encourage patients to ask your staff how to save on Medicare Part D and to schedule appointments for a plan review.
  • Discussions cards. These will help facilitate patient conversations around their available and appropriate Med D plan options.
  • A step-by-step guide to using the Medicare Plan Finder. From entering the patient’s drug list to printing out a plan comparison, the instructions are easy to follow. You’ll also see how to check plan comparison options from iMedicare and PrescribeMedicare.
  • Resource list. To tell you exactly where to find, and how and when to use, Health Mart Atlas Medicare Part D Annual Enrollment Period tools and resources.
  • Year-round access to electronic tools. The DIR Estimator Tool, Medicare Part D 2019 Reimbursement and Performance Guide, and Landscape files, with data on plan participation and benefits, give you tools to more effectively manage your pharmacy throughout the year.

In addition, you will learn how to access webinars, online videos and continuing education courses. These resources will help you stay up to date with the latest developments in Medicare and DIR fees.

When it comes to Medicare Part D, you’re already covered.