Make your own health a priority this holiday season

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5 ways to make your personal health a priority

In brief:

  • Owning and running a small business can be hard on your health.
  • For your business to thrive it is important to take good care of yourself.
  • Practices to improve your health can also grow your business.

The toll of owning a pharmacy


The dream of owning your own pharmacy can become a nightmare if you always put the business ahead of yourself. Consider these findings from a study among small business owners:1

“Many SME [small and mid-sized enterprises] owners focus on the needs of the business and their employees but fail to address their own personal needs.”2

— Robert Stewart, business psychologist

The good news: you are not alone. Other pharmacy owners are dealing with the same challenges. Here are five ideas for making your own health a priority, while still running a successful independent pharmacy.

1. What must you do? What can you delegate?

Many successful independent pharmacy owners have gone through a process to identify:

  • Specific tasks only you can do
  • What can be delegated to staff

Train your staff so you can delegate to them with confidence. That does more than free your time. It shows employees you respect and value them. Find ideas in “Delegate (to Technicians) to Grow Your Business.”

Also, take advantage of services you can tap into as a Health Mart® member. For example, the Marketing Hub saves time while providing professional advertising materials. Or, VaccineComplete takes care of collaborative practice agreements and identifies opportunities to grow your immunizations.

2. Invest in processes and technology

Automating processes and time-saving technology can free up time for you and your staff, and can give your business an edge. Is it time to upgrade your pharmacy management system or add a compliance packaging machine?

3. Celebrate and have fun

Researchers have found that being socially connected at work helps reduce stress.3 When everyone is committed to give 100% to the team, the business and individuals benefit. So, start thinking in terms of “we” instead of “I.”

Put fun on your calendar — during the holidays and throughout the year. For example, ‘tis the season for ugly sweater contests or sending fun holiday cards to employees and customers. And share those team smiles through your pharmacy’s social media accounts.

4. Give yourself a break

A three-day weekend and regular vacations provide mental rest. Even a lunch away from the pharmacy — taking a walk in a secluded place — can provide a much-needed mental break. Many professionals are even doing some form of yoga, mindfulness and meditation.


Those practices can recharge you and allow you to see your business (and your life) from a fresh perspective.

5. Shop your own store

Every day you recommend various products and services to your patients. How many of those do you use?

Testing a weight loss product or counseling from a nutritionist can help you feel better and can help you decide whether to add a product or service to your pharmacy.

Become a role model for patients by setting and achieving personal health goals, which can inspire customers to set and achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Invite employees to join you on the journey, and share it over social media.

Don’t feel guilty about taking care of yourself. It is good for you, your family, your employees, your customers and your business.


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