How to make your pharmacy’s front end profitable this summer


Show customers you have everything they need for summer

In brief:

  • After a spring to forget, people are longing for a fun summer
  • Prominently promote summer basics like sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Pair basics with complementary items
  • Become your community’s go-to summer resource by encouraging customers to stock up on everything they will need at your pharmacy

The pandemic changed the dynamic of summer travel. Many consumers have traded their jet setting travel plans for staycations, camping and road trips. Despite these changes, your pharmacy can still be a go-to resource for everything customers need to enjoy the summer while staying healthy.

According to a recent survey from the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA), more than half of consumers (53%) plan to get away on a summer vacation. Road trips will be back in a big way this summer, with 62% of consumers planning to travel by car for summer vacation — up 72% from 2019.

Develop a plan

Check previous years’ sales and consider how this year might be different. Plan inventory and marketing by answering:

  • What’s changed? Are shoppers in your community more budget conscious than last year? Will they be keeping their travel plans or staying home? Are customers more cautious? Understanding this will affect your messaging.
  • Why should customers spend more at my pharmacy this year? What gaps can you fill? What are they buying elsewhere that they could pick up at your store?

Feature and promote the basics

Top summer sellers typically include:

  Sunscreen and sunburn relief  Poison ivy relief  Allergy relief  Insect repellent and bite relief


Here are some tips to promote summer staples:

  • Promote fun – highlight products around picnicking, barbecuing and playing at the pool.
  • Prominently display and merchandise them. Constantly experiment and change end-caps frequently. Visually depicted planograms also help prioritize shelf space with top-selling and most competitive items.
  • Feature summer items in signage and on social media. Don’t forget to mention during pick-up or delivery.
  • Highlight brands that add more to your bottom line.
  • Train staff to educate shoppers about the best options for their needs and preferences.
  • Promote “add-on” purchases. For example, if a patient purchases sunscreen, you can offer lip balm with SPF or after-sun moisturizer. Customers buying sunscreen might also be interested in a beach bag or sun umbrella, flip flops, summer books, card games or a small portable speaker.
  • Summer is swimsuit season, so many of your patients may be interested in losing weight before hitting the lake or pool. Help patients prioritize their health by offering vitamins and supplements.

Customize the shopping checklist

Vacation typeItem ideas
Staycation ♦ Consider offering these items: Lip balm with SPF, sunglasses, hats, sunblock clothing, after-sun moisturizer, hand sanitizer, moisturizer with bronzing, a UV meter, a mini misting fan, cooling towels, umbrellas, or other outdoor items


Camping ♦ Consider offering these items: Travel containers and travel-size products, shampoo, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, first aid, OTC allergy remedies, nasal spray, nasal strips, eye drops or tissues


Road trip ♦ Consider offering these items: Travel containers and travel-size products, shampoo, motion sickness and digestive relief or hand sanitizer



Looking to maximize your pharmacy’s front end?

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